What is auriculotherapy?

Auriculotherapy is the stimulation of acupoints on the outer ear to create a positive change towards healthier body functioning. The ear is a complete microsystem for the whole body because many important nerves innervate or pass through our ears.


How does it work? 

Metal pellets (Ear Seeds) are placed on specific acupoints, on the outer ear. This pressure sends signals through our nervous system to:

  • reduce pain
  • increase emotional wellness, and/or
  • support internal organ systems


Does it hurt?

Normal sensations can include a dull ache, minor sensitivity, heat, and or redness that goes away. Sensations can vary treatment to treatment, even in the same point location. Many times you will not feel it at all. 


Why do we call it ear seeding if it's a metal ball?

We prefer the aesthetics of the metal pellet and the nourishing properties of using gold on top of an acupoint. Originally ear seeds utilized the seed of the vaccaria plant, you can still find plant seed plasters. 


How long can I keep ear seeds in for?

You can wear them for 3-5 days. Keep them on while you shower, swim, exercise, and sleep.

If you want, you may take them off sooner. As long as you wear them for 20 minutes you receive one full treatment. Our bodies cycle in 20 minute increments all day long. 


Tell me more about your crystals...

We source our crystals from Preciosa, a Czechoslovakian company that dates all the way back to 1548. The crystals used in thEARapy Ear Seed Kits are the Maxima, a unique lead-free crystal. It has met the highest international standards of quality and environmental certification, while giving off an extraordinary sparkle.


What makes thEARapy different then other ear seed companies?

We are on the only ear seed kit that is hand making their entire product line. We glue our own crystals, stamp our boxes, assemble the kits, and the printing is done locally in San Diego. Our hands, eyes, and hearts are on every single step. thEARapy is also the only gold colored crystal seeds on the market. 

Our founder, Courtney Helms, went to the #1 Traditional Chinese Medicine School in the United States, the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine (OCOM). There she was able to be trained by some of the most sought out acupuncturists and herbalists in the world. Her education gives her a unique skill set of how to treat the body as one holistic being, via addressing the nervous system. All her protocols are written from years of clinical trials and research.