How to Apply Your Seeds

Read Locations and Actions to familiarize yourself with the acupoints.

This is where you get to learn exactly where you will be able to find them and what they actually do! Reading the point actions will help to create intention. This intention setting will help to rewire your nervous system, even if you place the ear seed adjacent to the actual point. 

Clean hands, tweezers (if using) and ears, an alcohol prep pad works perfect for this step. Pull out black pins from either side of ear seed strip. 

Read the mantras, take a few deep breaths, center yourself.

FIND the acupoint using both your ear map and the written location directions.

PEEL clear sticker from black paper backing, touch the smallest surface area of the sticker to ensure better sticking.*

STICK gold metal ball side down. Press around the edges of the crystal to adhere well. 

REACTIVATE treatment by gently pressing on seeds once a day or as needed to help reduce symptoms. Your body works in 20 minute energetic cycles, so even if you only keep them on for 20 minutes you receive a full treatment. 

REMOVE  and throw away, wear up to 5 days. 

*Note: I like using my finger tips, I find it gives me the most control. You may find using tweezers is easier for you, to help with handling the small surface area.

  • Ear seeds are single use only.
  • If red, irritated, or swollen such as in an allergic reaction or too painful to sleep, remove promptly.
  • Normal sensations can include a dull ache, minor sensitivity, heat, redness that goes away, and or no feeling at all. Sensations can vary treatment to treatment, even in the same point location. 
  • Ear seeds are fragile please be mindful when handling the crystal ear seeds.
  • Check your seeds daily for intact crystals and metal pellets.
  • Do not use headphones while seeds are being worn due to risk of dislocating seed or crystal.
  • thEARapy™ ear seeds are not FDA approved and should not substitute medical care.