Tapping into your nervous system using pressure seeds.

no needles, no puncture, medicine for all


Ear seed treatments are quick, gentle, effective, medicine to go.

...and they are pretty too!

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, auriculotherapy is used to treat the entire body. Auriculotherapy is the stimulation of acupoints on the outer ear to create a positive change towards healthier bodily functioning.

Metal pellets (Ear Seeds) are placed on specific acupoints on the ear sending signals through our nervous system to reduce pain, increase emotional wellness and support internal organ systems.

Creating access to ancient East Asian medicine for all.

This is a no needle treatment, great for all ages and sensitivity levels.


How do they work?

The ear is a complete microsystem for the whole body; many important nerves innervate or pass through our ears.

The ear's acupoints have been studied throughout various parts of the world. We utilize both Ancient Chinese acupoints that date as far back as 200 BCE and European modern medicine measuring electrical impulses from points on the outer ear.

The light continuous pressure from the seed or metal pellet stimulates a response in the nervous system.

What are Ear Seeds?

thEARapy™ ear seeds are handmade 24k gold plated stainless steel metal pellets on a small, hypoallergenic, latex-free, transparent sticker.

We have the only lead free, gold colored crystals on the market handmade, by our founder, making them into beautiful jewelry.

How do they help?

reduce feelings of anxiety, stress, sadness, anger, worry

relieve body pain

regulate weight

improving sleep

digestive function

women and men health issues


*these claims are not approved by the FDA

  • "The minute thEARapy seeds were placed I feel like I'm floating. It's instant bliss I'm so obessed."

  • "I feel so grounded and calm inside my body. It is like my anxiety just melted away."

  • "I feel emotionally available, confident and motivated!"